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Each Tract Has a 24-Page Engaging Story

Many Christians know the disappointment of handing out wordy leaflet tracts that don't get read. Unsaved people simply won't read tracts that are jam-packed with lots of tiny words. But the unsaved love Chick tracts, and readily accept them.

The 24-page Chick tract format gets the reader's attention with an enaging story in serious cartoon style. Soon, they are captivated by the story which presents a simple gospel message, ending with an invitation to accept Christ.

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This was Your Life
Holy Joe 1
The Greatest Story Ever Told
No Way In?
The Beast
Abortion? Who Killed Clarice?
Allah Had No Son
A Love Story
The Hit 2
Are Roman Catholics Christian
Creator or Liar?
Happy Halloween
The Little Ghost
The Attack
Sin City

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