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Please read before paying any tuition, fees, or payments. After reading this handbook, please print, sign, and turn into the VCA office the acknowledgment letter below.

The Acknowledgement Letter that you have read and are in agreement with the letter and VCA Parent/Student Handbook below, (HTML) then please sign, and click send. After reading the letter and VCA Parent/Student Handbook. The Fastest way is to email it to the VCA Office.

1. Introduction

2. A word from the Pastor 

3. Administrator's message

4. History of VCA

5. Strengths of A.C.E.

8. Accreditation

9. Education Affiliations

10. Enrollment

12. Funding of VCA

13 Attendance

17. On-Campus & Home School Strengths

19. Awards Requirements

21. Guidelines for on-campus and Home School

21. Christian Americanism

22. Uniforms and Appearance

25. Decorative Items

26. Standard of Conduct

27. Social Networking and the Internet

28. Medical Guidelines

29. Communicable Diseases

30. Graduation Requirements

31. Christian Leadership

32. Prohibited Items and Areas

33. Student Pace Progress

34. Motivation and Controls

35. Privileges and Responsibilities

36. Learning Center Guidelines

37. Physical Education and Athletics

38. Home School Student Progress

39. Weather, Fire, and Tornado

40. School Closings

41. In-School Crisis

42. First Aid and Medicines

43. Personal property

44. Student Pick-up

45. Student Drivers

46. Student contacts and visitors

47. Parent Involvement

48. Arbitration

49. Limitations on Arbitration Decisions


Vinemont Christian Academy is a necessary and integral part

of Soul’s Harbor Free Will Baptist Church and offers childcare

and educational training from infant – 12th grade.

Vinemont Christian Academy consists of:

We appreciate the opportunity to present this ministry to

you and hope and pray that this is the beginning or

continuation of a wonderful relationship. We ask that you

prayerfully consider your child’s educational needs and

remember God’s mandate to teach and train our children the

Word of God and to provide them with an education from a

Biblical perspective. That is why Vinemont Christian

Academy exists. May God’s blessings be upon you as you

seek His will in raising the next generation of Godly leaders.

“And these words which I command you this day shall be in

thine heart: and thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy

children. . .” Deuteronomy 6:6-7a

A Word from the Pastor

Home of Vinemont Christian Academy

The objective in operating a church school is to obey the

scriptural imperatives of Deuteronomy 6:5-7a, "And thou

shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy

soul, and with all thy might. And these words, which I have

commanded thee this day, shall be in thine heart: and thou

shalt teach them diligently unto thy children.", and Proverbs

22:6 “To train up a child in the way he should go; and when

he is old, he will not depart from it."

Teaching is training. Training for life must include

training for eternity. A Christian school is an extension of

the Christian home in training young people for time and

eternity in a Christian environment. Therefore, the school

staff works closely with the parents to train the whole child.

Attendance at V.C.A. is a privilege and not a right. The

goals of this school are not to reform but to train Christian

youth of any ability, in the highest principles of Christian

leadership, self-discipline, individual responsibility, personal

integrity, and good citizenship. V.C.A. stands without

apology for the old-time Gospel and the highest standards of

morality and Christian behavior.

Soul’s Harbor Pastor,

Dr. Aaron Dawson


Mrs. Kori Dawson

Principal / Administrator

A Word from the Administrator Of

Vinemont Christian Academy

Dear Fellow-Stewards,

Whether you and I are parents, grandparents, aunts or

uncles, if we are responsible for the upbringing of a child, we

have been given a stewardship by Almighty God. It is,

therefore, your responsibility before God to ensure that

these children are given the best education that we can

provide. This education is extremely important because it

provides the filter through which they will process the events

of the rest of their lives.

An often ignored principle is that a person’s world view

is determined by their education. Every person should be

equipped with a Biblical world view because it is only when

you or I am in a right relationship with God that we will heed

His Word and be blessed because of our obedience. That is

why God said in Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way

he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

We as the staff of Vinemont Christian Academy are

here to assist you in fulfilling your God-given role of

equipping your child for life, both in this world and for

eternity. We believe that we are equipped with the best

Christian program and curriculum available to prepare your

children for what God has in their future. We cherish the

opportunity to come alongside you and assist you in bringing

up your stewardships in the nurture and admonition of the


To the glory of Christ,

Dr. Aaron Dawson


“Call unto me and I will show thee great and mighty things

which thou knowest not." Jeremiah 33:3

History of VCA

A brief history of the work at Vinemont Christian Academy

Soul’s Harbor Ministries, which consist of Soul’s Harbor

Church and Vinemont Christian Academy

and Daycare, are the result of a vision God gave to a group

of people, led by Bro. Dennis Reeves, in 1973 to found a

work that could equip individuals for the work of God from

infancy to the end of their life. In 1974 the church was

begun and grew as the congregation set out to accomplish

the task that God had set before them.

In the fall of 1975 Vinemont Christian Academy began

its first year of school. Students have continued to learn at

V.C.A. every year since then. The attendance has varied

over the years, but God has always seen fit to ensure that

the needs have been provided. Most of the years that

V.C.A. has been in operation, it has received Model Status

from its curriculum provider, Accelerated Christian

Education, which is the highest honor that can be awarded

for outstanding performance in academic standards and

achievement. In the fall of 1976, the Soul's Harbor Daycare

was opened to provide childcare services with a loving,

Christian environment and is still providing that same quality

care today.

We, as the staff of Vinemont Christian Academy, are

still striving to fulfill the God-given call of the original

founders to meet each student’s needs in four basic areas.

The first area in which we strive to train is spiritual. Our

primary desire is for every student to have a personal

relationship with Jesus Christ. Once they have developed

that relationship we want them to be equipped to grow in

their knowledge of Him. The second area in which we desire

each student to be equipped is academically. We believe

that we are providing the most complete education that can

be provided for our students. Our third objective is to train

our students physically. Each person has a specific task

that God wants them to complete and we must be physically

capable of completing it. God also desires for His people to

live healthy lives, and that requires some physical training.

Our last focus area is to develop our students socially. We

need to be able to relate and communicate with people

wherever we may be. We attempt to provide many

opportunities for our students to come in contact with a

variety of people so that they are able to act comfortably in

whatever capacity God calls them to. God-allowing, we

desire to provide a complete and quality education for every


Strengths of the ace curriculum and program

Since its beginning, V.C.A. has used the A.C.E.

curriculum and program. A.C.E. was started in 1969 and

has been providing quality academic material with a

Christian theme since then. The A.C.E. program is the best

available because it meets each student right where they are

at in their education. The educational philosophy of A.C.E. is

based upon the 5 Laws of Learning which state:

where he can best perform.

that he can be expected to achieve in a reasonable and

prescribed period of time.

encouragement and support and achieve control

through guidance and discipline in order to assimilate,

use, and experience the educational material.

measurement applied to the results.

reward for its value, effort, and significance.

Based upon this philosophy A.C.E. has set out to better help

students learn the material. Learning is constant, not time.

The A.C.E. program has certain distinctives and they are:

Each student that is enrolled at V.C.A. will be given a

diagnostic test to identify their academic performance level.

This test will also identify any learning gaps that a student

may have developed in their academic career. When the

student has completed their diagnostic testing they will be

assigned curriculum to first fill their learning gaps and then

they will proceed from their learning level. Each student

progresses through the curriculum at their own rate and


Students at V.C.A. are taught to set achievable goals

that they can complete within the time that they have


These goals are both short-term ( quarterly and yearly) and

long-term ( daily and weekly). The ability to set and achieve

personal goals prepares students for college and to succeed

in life.

Every student must be motivated to accomplish the

task before them with privileges that they will enjoy. We

attempt to provide these motivations through a variety of

positive events and opportunities for the student to

participate in. Students must also be controlled. It has

been wisely stated that “you cannot teach a child that you

cannot control.” The staff of V.C.A. attempts to guide and

discipline their students as needed to help them learn. We

have more information concerning the motivations and

controls that V.C.A. implements in a later section.

How do you or I know what a student has learned

unless their learning is measured? The measurement begins

with a proper diagnosis of a student’s learning. This

measurement continues as the students work through the

curriculum with Checkups, Self Tests, and PACE Tests.

V.C.A. also participates in the standardized testing provided

by the Iowa Achievement Test which the students will take

in the spring of each school year.

Students work through the curriculum independently

under supervision in the Learning Center. The staff of

V.C.A. is not responsible to teach. The staff provides the

academic assistance that is necessary to facilitate student

learning. Students must demonstrate mastery of the

material before they are permitted to proceed.

Learning must take place before a student can advance.


The Question May Arise as to whether VCA or ACE is


Accreditation in secular education is a standard

developed by a public education agency to attempt to

maintain academic equality in public schools. Those schools

may be held to a different standard than a Christian\Church

School would employ. Therefore V.C.A. has not sought

accreditation from a public accrediting agency. In contrast to

public\government education, V.C.A. still believes and

practices the Word of God as the foundation and heart of

education. God is welcome, His word is practiced, and prayer

is an inseparable, daily practice of our school. If we do

decide to seek accreditation, we will not compromise our

Christian distinctives to gain such approval.

V.C.A. does undergo a yearly evaluation to apply for

Model or Quality School Status through our Curriculum

Producer, Accelerated Christian Education. The standards

academically and otherwise, are rigid and high. We have

achieved Model Status or Quality Status most of the years

that we have been in service. Receiving Model Status is one

of our main objectives as a school every year.

The ACE Model School in Hendersonville, TN,

Lighthouse Christian School, which uses the same curricula

and program as V.C.A., has undergone evaluation by SACS

and CITA and has received accreditation.

 Students who enroll in V.C.A. may apply for dual enrollment

through V.C.A. and Lighthouse Christian Academy, the

home-schooling program of A.C.E., and receive an

accredited diploma by meeting all graduation requirements.

Any student wishing to enter the dual enrollment program

must pay any additional fees that are charged by A.C.E. and

must be enrolled for an entire academic year and complete a

minimum of 6 credits.

Accreditation of a Christian school is not always

necessary for a graduate who wishes to enroll in a public or

private college or university. Registrars of such institutions

are interested in the academic merits of individual students,

not in the name of the school of graduation. Thus, they

evaluate each applicant's academic aptitude through a

nationally standardized test.

The instructional program of V.C.A. is designed and implemented to properly train students who wish to continue their education beyond high school. For more information on accreditation and student

acceptance in post-secondary education talk with the school

administrator for updates and clarifications. Ask about SB38

passed in 2014.

Vinemont Christian Academy

educational affiiations

V.C.A. is a member of the Alabama Christian Education

Association (ACEA) and the American Association of

Christian Schools (AACS). V.C.A. is recognized in the

community of public, private, and government school

organizations and has a reputation of having a quality

educational program. This recognition has been earned over

the years. V.C.A. has had students who have attended,

graduated, and gone on to college and a variety of careers and

have succeeded in life.

Vinemont Christian Academy


Enrollment and Admission Procedures and requirements

Vinemont Christian Academy is a uniquely religious, educational institution that seeks to provide quality education in a distinctly Christian

environment. One of the goals of Vinemont Christian Academy is to work

with parents and guardians to train Christian young men and women to be salt and light in their communities. Vinemont Christian Academy believes that the Bible (KJV) is the inspired Word of God and sets forth absolute truth by which Christians are to live. Vinemont Christian Academy expects and requires that both students and parents will support the school in its distinct mission and in its Biblical beliefs.

In relying on the teachings of Scripture, Vinemont Christian Academy believes that the Bible(KJV) prohibits sexual immorality of any type, including but not limited to pornography, homosexuality, or any other sexual activity outside the marriage of one man and one woman. On those occasions in which a particular home or student is acting counter to or in opposition to the Biblical beliefs and lifestyle that the school teaches, the school reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse admission to any applicant or to discontinue enrollment of a current student. This includes, but is not limited to, living in, condoning, or supporting any form of sexual immorality; practicing or promoting a homosexual lifestyle or alternative gender identity, or otherwise having the inability to support the moral principles of the school as stated throughout this handbook.

We strive to provide a Christian environment conducive

to student learning and growth. Our desire is not to reform

anyone, but to mold and train young people to be all that

God has for them to be. To accomplish this purpose, it is of

a necessity that the students, as well as their family, be

faithful members of a Bible-believing church and in total agreement

with our statement of faith and practices. V.C.A. reserves the right

to refuse admission to anyone whose practices and beliefs

are not in agreement with our stated beliefs and practices.

Our complete statement of faith is stated in detail in our

church Constitution & By-Laws. We believe:

without error in its origin and entirety.

Spirit, who created man by a direct immediate act.

miracles, substitutionary death, bodily resurrection,

ascension to Heaven, and the second coming of the

Lord Jesus Christ.

regeneration by the operation of the Holy Spirit on the

basis of grace alone, and the resurrection of all, to life

or damnation.

Jesus Christ, living a life of righteous works, separated

from the world, and witnessing of His saving grace

through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Any family who wishes to enroll their child with V.C.A.

must complete the following activities:

about the school and the programs that are offered.

by the registration fee and previous school records with

immunization records.

academics, disciplines, and personal practice, and

support our Biblical morals and standards.

finances, and prayer for the school staff and program.

forms must be filled out and returned to V.C.A.:

Student Application, Prospective Parent and Student Agreement

Vinemont Christian Academy

Funding of vca

The funding that allows V.C.A. to exist and function

are provided by the tuition that the families pay. It is

therefore absolutely necessary for each family to keep their

account current. If we do not have the funds that we need

to operate we cannot provide the services that we do. This

requires that every family stay current or we cannot allow

their child to continue their enrollment at V.C.A. No payment

will be permitted to be past due for a period of greater than

30 days. We provide the services that we do at a rate that

is considerably lower than any in the area and we have tried

to make it as reasonable as possible. We understand that

Christian education costs, and requires that sacrifices are

made, and we are grateful that many have seen the benefits

in spite of the required sacrifices.

Please see the Registration and Tuition Information Sheet

that is enclosed with the Enrollment Forms for information

concerning your specific situation. Payment is accepted in

the school office by cash, check, or cards. The

administration of V.C.A. reserves the right to make any

decisions concerning initial or continued enrollment based

upon any financial situation.

If at any time a parent/guardian decides to withdraw

their children from V.C.A. they must come to the school

office to get the Withdrawal Form and a current transcript to

be presented to the next school. All payments due must be

paid at the time of withdrawal. Though we do not desire to

lose a student we understand that situations arise which

necessitate a change of schools.

Vinemont Christian Academy


Attendance Requirements:

Godly character requires a person is where they are

supposed to be when they are supposed to be there. When

parents insist on consistency in attendance; absences and

tardiness will be at a minimum. Please support the

attendance guidelines.

VCA complies with established Alabama laws for school

attendance and reporting. you may find information online

for more details.

A written excuse, signed by the parent\guardian, must

be presented to the supervisor when the student returns to

school after an absence. Only absences for sickness or an

emergency are excusable unless arrangements have been

made in advance. Students who are below their appropriate

level will not be excused for reasons other than sickness or

an emergency. All appointments should be made after

school hours to keep a child's progress from being inhibited.

If the student does not return with a written excusable note

signed by the parent\guardian, the absence will be recorded

as unexcused. The administration reserves the right to

define an excusable absence.

Six unexcused absences in one semester will

necessitate an in-school suspension of three days. All daily

PACE work must be completed during suspensions and

absences. A doctor’s written excuse or verifiable proof of an

emergency is required for absences to be considered

excused after 10 cumulative days, or 7 consecutive days in

one semester. Any students requiring more than one

suspension, because of absenteeism, will forfeit their

privilege to attend classes at V.C.A.

Any student not at his appointed place, at 8:00 A.M.

will be considered tardy and may receive 15 minutes of

detention time. Tardiness is neither permitted nor excused.

Three hours of cumulative tardiness (in late\or out early) in

one week are considered as an unexcused absence and will

cause a loss of any earned privileges for the following week.

Continued tardiness will result in a 3-day suspension and

loss of privileges to participate in field trips, sports, and

other extra-curricular activities for a period of time to be

determined by the principal.

Any PACE work missed because of an absence or tardiness must be completed. The only exception that would be considered is that the student is already advanced in their work and would not be inhibited

by the absence or tardiness.

If a parent knows in advance of an upcoming absence,

please send a note to inform the student's supervisor of the

upcoming absence or tardiness. V.C.A. reserves the right to

verify any questionable absences. Students missing 10

consecutive or 15 cumulative days of unexcused absences

during a single semester risk dis-enrollment from Vinemont

Christian Academy.

Dis-enrollment, of a student who has a drivers permit

or license, can result in the loss of driving privileges, by

state law, if a student does not immediately enroll in another

secondary school.

When a student misses seven consecutive or ten

cumulative days of unexcused absences, he and his parents

will be notified by the principal, or his designee, by

mail/e-mail, or text message that the student risks

dis-enrollment. A copy of the guidelines herein stated will

accompany the afore-mentioned notification. When ten

consecutive, or fifteen cumulative, days with unexcused

absences have been reached, the principal or his designee

will notify the student and his parents by mail to appear

before him within five days of the postmarked date on the

letter, to fully explain the absences. If an agreement is

reached between the student, his parents, and the principal,

no appeal will be necessary. If there is disagreement, the

student will not be dis-enrolled, but the School

Board\Attendance Appeals Committee will conduct a hearing

within five days following the meeting with the principal, and

render a decision within two days after the hearing.

Each absence will be judged based upon that which has

been determined by the school administration and published

in the school handbook as excusable or inexcusable.

Absences caused by circumstances beyond the control of the

student will be deemed excused and will not result in

dis-enrollment. Suspensions, expulsion from school, or

imprisonment are not circumstances that qualify as excused

absences. Excused absences include, but are not limited to,

the following:

attendance. (i.e., transportation was not available)

According to Senate Bill 334, all children ages 6 to

17 are required to be enrolled in school unless they meet

certain exemptions or have completed the requirements for

graduation. They are only permitted to discontinue their

education after they turn 17, obtain written permission from

their parent/guardian, and participate in an exit interview

where the ramifications of the decision will be discussed.

Attendance Policy Pursuant to Act 93-368 ( Divers


The purpose of Act 93-368 is to require school

attendance standards as a pre-requisite for a driver's license

or learner's permit for the operation of a motor vehicle.

Enrollment in a Church-School meets the requirements

necessary to obtain a driver's license or learner's permit as

stated in Act 93-368.

By law, students six to seventeen years of age must file

a Church-School enrollment form with the local public school

superintendent. Students wishing to have driving privileges

must file this form until age 19 or until they earn a diploma.

When a student reaches age 15, he/she is eligible, by law, to

attempt to qualify for a learner's permit to operate a motor

vehicle. It is the student's responsibility to obtain a copy of

the previously filed Church-School enrollment form from the

local public school superintendent's office or Church-School

office, for presentation to the Department of Public Safety

verifying enrollment in the Church-School. The student

should write his social security number on the form before

presenting it to the driver’s license examiner, as instructed

by the State Department of Public Safety.

Senate Bill 57 / House Bill 464 (Behavior of 12 years

old or older)

States that any child 12 years old or older can delay the age

that they can acquire a driver's license based on school

behavior. This bill provides a point system that can be used

to determine the time a student must wait to get their

driver's license. If a student is in danger of coming under the

conditions of this bill the parents will be notified.

Vinemont Christian Academy

On-campus and Home school strengths

Since its beginning in 1975 V.C.A. has offered a quality

on-campus program and has been able to minister to

hundreds of children and families through that school

design. As time has gone by the interest in home-schooling

has grown. In 2005 we began the home-school ministry of

V.C.A. to meet the demand for this aspect of Christian

education. Each aspect, on-campus or home-school, have

their own individual strengths and benefits and depending

on the needs of the family, provide an option to meet those

specific needs. We will share the benefits that are specific to

each individually and then those that apply to both.

God makes it very plain in His Word that He has given

the responsibility of teaching and training children to their

parents. Many years ago, the children stayed at home and

learned the skills that were necessary directly from their

parents. As time went on and schools were started some of

the formal training was done in the school building, but

much was still taught at home. As society has continued to

change and has become more industry and career-minded,

much more time of a student’s life is spent in school

buildings rather than at home. By teaching your child at

home, you have the opportunity to oversee your child’s

education personally. Home-schooling allows the parent to

spend all day with their own child rather than simply at the

beginning or end of the day. V.C.A. provides parents

training, curriculum, record-keeping, and assistance in many

other capacities. If a parent has the opportunity and time to

home-school their child it can be a rewarding experience.

Though home-schooling can be a positive experience,

we realize that it is not the answer for every family. To

meet the needs of these families we offer an on-campus

program. The students in the on-campus program complete

their learning experience at the campus of V.C.A. Monday

through Friday 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM. Our experienced and

caring staff provides the supervision, training, and molding

necessary to give each child the education they need. The

Learning Centers at V.C.A. are designed to maximize the

learning experience for each child by removing as many

distractions as possible and providing the motivation and

control that is necessary for learning to take place. The

schedule allows for ample academic time as well as sufficient

breaks and time for physical activity each day. Our desire is

to provide the educational fit for whatever each family’s

needs are, be it home-schooling or on-campus.

There are some exciting benefits that are available to

all our students regardless of whether they are home-school

or on-campus. Our extracurricular activities which include

field trips, athletics, student conferences, competitions, and

conventions are available to any and all students that meet

the criteria to participate. Also, each student can receive

awards for their academic, athletic, or leadership

accomplishments in our year-end Awards Ceremony.

Students can earn the following awards:

Vinemont Christian Academy

Awards & their requirements

Awards and their requirements

∙ Highest PACE Average

∙ Must have attended V.C.A. for the full year

∙ Must have the highest overall PACE average

∙ Most PACEs

∙ Must have passed each test

∙ Must have completed the most PACEs

∙ Most 100%s

∙ Perfect/Outstanding Attendance

∙ “A” Honor Roll

∙ Complete and pass the required number of PACEs for

each quarter

∙ Achieve a 94% or higher PACE average for each


∙ Memorize all monthly Scriptures in the prescribed time


∙ “B” Honor Roll

∙ Complete and pass the required number of PACEs for

each quarter

∙ Achieve an 88% or higher PACE average for each


∙ Memorize all monthly Scriptures in the prescribed time


∙ School Spirit

∙ Must be at least 13 years of age

∙ Must enjoy school

∙ Must participate in school functions

∙ Must not grumble or complain

∙ Must promote a positive school attitude

∙ Must exemplify the character of a Christian person

∙ Good Citizenship

∙ Must be at least 13 years of age

∙ Must be courteous, respectful, obedient, dependable,

and punctual

∙ Must have received few demerits and detentions

∙ Christian Character

∙ Must be at least 13 years of age

∙ Must be a saved student

∙ Must be faithful in church attendance

∙ Must be active in Christian service

∙ Must have a good Christian testimony in and out of

their church family must be a leader in Christian

conduct, attitude, conversation, and influence on others

∙ Scripture Memorization

∙ Memorize all monthly Scriptures by the last school day

of each month

∙ Recite each Scripture to your Supervisor or another

staff member

∙ Golden Lamb

∙ Must memorize and recite the entire book of John, one

chapter at a time

∙ Golden Harp

∙ Must memorize and recite the entire book of Psalms

one chapter at a time

∙ Golden Apple

∙ Must memorize and recite the entire book of Proverbs

one chapter at a time

Vinemont Christian Academy

guidelines for on-campus and home school

Guidelines Applicable to All Students


Christian Americanism

V.C.A. places great emphasis upon the uniqueness of

America's heritage and the sacrifices of its heroes. America

is a republic which guarantees liberties to educate and to

preserve freedom. We unashamedly teach the Biblical

doctrines of self-discipline, respect for those in authority,

obedience to the law, and love for flag and country.

Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag;

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of

America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation

under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Pledge of Allegiance to the Christian Flag;

I pledge allegiance to the Christian Flag, and to the Savior

for whose kingdom it stands, one Savior, crucified, risen,

and coming again, with life and liberty for all who believe.

Pledge of Allegiance to the Bible;

I pledge allegiance to the Bible, God's Holy Word, I will

make it a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path, and

will hide its words in my heart, that I might not sin against


Vinemont Christian Academy

student uniforms and personal appearance

V.C.A. is unashamedly a school of Godly standards in

appearance and dress. We believe that we should not only

be Christians in word and in action, but also in appearance.

We believe our appearance reflects our inward spiritual

condition and our esteem for others. Therefore, we choose

to have a standard of dress that is Scriptural and above

reproach, which will be a godly testimony.

We have chosen a school uniform for our students that has

many benefits and will give in return many dividends. Listed

below are some of the benefits of having a school uniform.

∙ Uniforms standardize the dress code. They will help

eliminate having to repeat requirements of what

students can and cannot wear.

∙ Uniforms prevent students from immodest apparel and

having a slovenly appearance. Modest uniforms help

students learn what is modest. They provide sharpness

as opposed to a sloppy, untidy appearance.

∙ Sharp uniforms command the respect of others. They

relay a message to others, especially those outside the

school, that you have a quality school and program.

∙ Uniforms help to improve the students' self-image.

Students can improve their self-image by being


∙ Uniforms build greater self-control in students.

Behavior actually improves. When a student looks

sharp and neat, he will tend to act that way; a sloppy

appearance tends to foster undisciplined character.

∙ Uniforms do affect academics. As a result of feeling

well-dressed and without competition, students tend to

focus more on academics.

∙ Uniforms actually help reduce clothing costs. Uniforms

can often be worn from one to three years (or more),

meaning further savings. Instead of a wardrobe of

clothes for school, two or three uniforms are sufficient.

∙ Uniforms build school spirit. Enthusiasm is kindled

when others not in the church-school comment on how

nice the students look. When a student likes the

uniform, he usually will have a greater appreciation for

the school.

∙ Uniforms eliminate competition in dress. Peer-pressure

between students is minimized.

∙ Uniforms make it easy for students to know what to

wear each day.

∙ Uniforms portray a clear Christian witness to the


∙ Uniforms help establish a pattern of modesty whereby

students may select other appropriate clothing

throughout life. They help build strong convictions on

what kind of clothing is modest, appropriate, and


The school uniform must be worn each day to all

classes as well as to any school activities, field trips, ball

games, and programs whether on or off-campus, that are

school-sponsored. All students must wear their shirt or

blouse tails tucked in with all buttons fastened. Boy’s pants

legs must touch the top of the shoe. Girls dress length can

be no higher than the middle of the knee. Boys must wear a

black conservative belt. Boys and girls must wear black

shoes, well kept and clean (no athletic footwear, open toes

or heels or platform heels of more than one inch).

Gentlemen are permitted to wear dress boots as long as

they are worn under their pants leg. Boys and girls must

wear a V.C.A. uniform tie to all Church services and all day

on chapel day. (A 30-minute detention is issued for not

wearing ties on the chapel day) Boys must wear khaki socks

to match their pants and girls must wear either natural

colored hose, khaki socks, or they may wear black full length

tights that complement their skirts. In the winter months (

exact times will be determined to be the administration) girls

may wear the thicker hosiery with feet, (example: tights from


A male student’s hair must be cut so that it will meet

the following requirements: conservative, no fads, no

artificial coloring, no perms, cut off and above the ears,

eyebrows and shirt collar, tapered, never excessively full nor

long. Young men must be clean-shaven (no beards,

mustaches, or long sideburns).

A female student’s hair should not be so short that she

looks masculine. It should cover the ears. It should

also be kept clean and combed. The natural color must

not be changed. V.C.A. will provide the specific requirements

to satisfy the dress code each school year as needed.

Vinemont Christian Academy

Decorative items

Male students at V.C.A. are not permitted to wear

necklaces, earrings, bracelets or anklets, nor will they be

permitted to wear articles or items of clothing pertaining to a


Neither male nor female is allowed to obtain tattoos (body

art) or body piercings. Boys and young men are to appear


Female students are permitted to wear one small

earring no larger than a dime in each ear lobe, modest,

Christ-honoring necklaces or bracelets, and one modest

finger ring on each hand is permitted. High school girls (13

years & older) may wear a modest color and amount of

makeup including soft tones of nail polishes that are not

unbecoming a Christian lady or associated with gangs or cult

groups. Females are to appear feminine.

Students who fail to comply with the appearance codes

will forfeit their privilege to attend V.C.A. If a student arrives

at school in violation of the appearance and dress code the

parents will be called and the student will be sent home to

correct the violation. Detentions may be issued and repeated

offenses will result in expulsion. Complaining will not be


Vinemont Christian Academy

Standard of conduct

All students of Vinemont Christian Academy are

expected to refrain from talking about or engaging in

cheating, swearing, smoking, gambling, rock music,

dancing, drinking alcoholic beverages, pornography, and

using or talking about narcotics\illegal drugs. No

homosexuality or immoral behavior will be tolerated.

Students who participate in such activities are subject to

suspension or expulsion at the discretion of the

administration. Students are expected to act in an orderly

and respectful manner, maintaining Christian standards in

courtesy, kindness, language, morality, and honesty. Neither

disrespect nor disobedience will be permitted. Students must

agree to strive toward an unquestionable character in dress,

conduct, and attitude.

Vinemont Christian Academy is a uniquely religious,

educational institution that seeks to provide quality

education in a distinctly Christian environment. One of the

goals of Vinemont Christian Academy is to work with parents

and guardians to train Christian young men and women to

be salt and light in their communities. Vinemont Christian

Academy believes that the Bible is the inspired Word of God

and sets forth absolute truth by which Christians are to live.

Vinemont Christian academy expects and requires that both

parents and students will support the school in its distinct

mission and in its Biblical beliefs. In relying on the

teachings of scripture, Vinemont Christian Academy believes

that the Bible prohibits sexual immorality of any type,

including but not limited to pornography, homosexuality, or

any other sexual activity outside the marriage of one man

and one woman.

On those occasions in which a particular home or student is

acting counter to or in opposition to the Biblical beliefs and

lifestyle that the school teaches, the school reserves

the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse admission to or to

discontinue enrollment of a current student.

This includes, but is not limited to, living in, condoning,

or supporting any form of sexual immorality;

practicing or promoting a homosexual lifestyle or alternative

gender identity, or otherwise having the inability to support

the moral principles of the school as stated throughout this


Heb. 13:4, Gen. 3:6, 19:4-11, 24-28, Exodus 20:14, Deut.

5:18, Ps. 101:3, Matt. 19:18, Romans 13:9, I Cor. 6:13, 18,

7:2, 10:8, Gal. 5:19, Col. 3:5, I Thess. 4:3, Jude 1:7,

Vinemont Christian Academy

social networking and the internet

The availability of resources provided by the internet

can be used as a benefit, but can also lead to problems if left

unmonitored in a child’s life. One of the benefits provided

online is the increased opportunity to communicate with

others through social networking sites (Facebook, My Space,

Twitter, Plaxo, etc.) It is neither the intention nor the desire

of the administration to forbid students from participating in

social networking, but we do require that students refrain

from questionable behavior and communication, as defined

by Scripture and the Standard of Conduct, while

participating in social networking. The administration

reserves the right to request login and password information

concerning any social networking sites used by a student,

and the student will be required to turn over the requested

information. Any student who refuses to turn over the

requested information faces possible suspension or expulsion

as deemed necessary by the administration.

Parents will be notified prior to a request for information

concerning their child’s social networking site.

Parents would be wise to monitor all digital devices and set

limits on use, use filters, parental controls, and set time limits

and hours of the day to block predators and ungodly behavior.

Vinemont Christian Academy

Medical guidelines

A medical report must be filled out and submitted to the

school office. All students must have their blue, and/or pink

slips at the time of enrollment, and update them as required

by law; according to state Health Dept. The immunization

record must be an Alabama record. These may be updated

and acquired from the county Health Dept.

In instances where a student needs medical attention,

the school principal\staff will contact those listed on the

emergency contact list, the parent first, than those listed in

the order that they are listed. If a student must be

transported to the ER, a staff person will accompany them.

No staff member will be allowed to administer any

medicines, to any student for headache, fevers, or other

reasons, without parental permission. All medications

(prescription or OTC) must be left in the school office upon

arrival at school. Medicines must be taken in the office in the

presence of school staff. Please observe this rule for the

protection of all our students. Medicines can only be

administered as prescribed on the medicine container. No

amounts above the listed amount can be administered

without a doctor’s permission at the time of administering

the medicine.

Medicines must be in their original containers.

Vinemont Christian Academy

Communicable diseases

V.C.A. is acutely aware that there may be

communicable diseases that may prohibit a student from

attending regular classes at V.C.A. We regret that such

situations exist. V.C.A. has an obligation to protect our

students, school, and church staff from students who may

be carrying AIDS, Syphilis, Gonorrhea or other

communicable diseases.

A student, who wishes to enroll at V.C.A., carrying the

above-mentioned diseases or other communicable diseases

for which there is no known cure, will be permitted to

enroll in our home-school program. This policy applies

to students already enrolled, or who may wish

to enroll, who are carrying or test positive for the presence

of antibodies to the AIDS virus, (HTLV-111/LAV) or other

non-curable diseases. Due to our obligation to protect our

students, church and school staff, we cannot accept these

students who are afflicted with these diseases nor retain

them in our on-campus program. Home school may be an


Any information concerning students having AIDS or

other communicable diseases will be kept in the strictest

confidence by school administration personnel. Any

information to be released will be done so only at the

direction of the pastor of Soul's Harbor Free Will Baptist


Vinemont Christian Academy

Honor roll and Graduation requirements

At the beginning of each quarter, the supervisor will

assign a certain amount of work for each student to

complete to earn the Honor Roll. The standard amount is 3

PACEs in each subject for a total of 15-18 PACEs per each

9-week quarter. The supervisor may adjust the amount

required based upon the needs of an individual student. The

student and their parents will be notified by the 6

th week of each quarter what amount of work the student has remained

to earn Honor Roll. Regardless of the number of PACEs required each student must maintain a minimum of 88% to earn Honor Roll. Those students who maintain 88%-93% earn “B” Honor Roll. Those who maintain a 94%-100% earn “A” Honor Roll. Those students who maintain any level of Honor Roll all four quarters of the school year will earn an

Honor Roll award.

Graduation Requirements

A minimum of twenty-four units of credit is required for

graduation. A prescribed course of study will be determined

through a conference with the staff, parents, and student.

Transfer students must complete at least sixty paces in this

school before receiving a diploma, and that must include a

minimum of two courses in Bible electives. (New & Old

Testament Survey, Life of Christ, or New Testament Church

History). We do not encourage early graduation but do

encourage a student to expand their education by earning

additional credits until they are a late 17 or 18 years old. We

encourage all students to obtain the most they can

according to their ability while they are still young and have

the opportunity and time. There probably will not be a

better, nor easier time to do so than now.

We offer four different diploma programs (Honors,

College Preparatory, General, and Vocational) and a

certificate of attendance for rare circumstances. Following

are the programs and their requirements:

∙ Honors Diploma (27 credits)

∙ Math – 4 credits (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2,


∙ English – 4 credits (English 1-4)

∙ Social Studies – 4 credits (World History, American

History, World Geography, Civics/Economics)

∙ Science – 4 credits (Biology, Physical Science,

Chemistry, Physics)

∙ Bible Electives – 3 credits (New Testament Survey, Life

of Christ, New Testament Church History, other Bible

courses may be substituted or added)

∙ General Electives – 8 credits (Etymology, Health,

Nutrition Science, 2 Languages, Music, Speech,

Computer Science, 2 credits of Physical Education,

other courses may be added)

∙ A student wanting to achieve an Honors Diploma must

have an overall high school average of 94% or higher

and attain a 22 on the ACT or 1000 on the SAT

∙ College Preparatory (26 credits)

∙ Math – 4 credits (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2,

additional credit can be chosen from our other math


∙ English – 4 credits (English 1-4)

∙ Social Studies – 4 credits (World History, American

History, World Geography, Civics/Economics)

∙ Science – 4 credits (Biology, Physical Science,

Chemistry, additional credit can be chosen from our

other science courses)

∙ Bible Electives – 3 credits (New Testament Survey, Life

of Christ, New Testament Church History, other Bible

courses may be substituted or added)

∙ General Electives – 7 credits (Etymology, Health,

Nutrition Science, Computer Science, Language, Music,

Speech, 2 credits of Physical Education, other courses

may be added)

∙ General Diploma (25 credits)

∙ Math – 4 credits (Algebra 1, Geometry, 3

rd and 4 th credits can be chosen from our other math courses)

∙ English – 4 credits (English 1-4)

∙ Social Studies – 4 credits (World History, American

History, World Geography, Civics/Economics)

∙ Science – 4 credits (Biology, Physical Science,

Chemistry, 4

th credit can be chosen from our other

science courses)

∙ Bible Electives – 3 credits (New Testament, Life of

Christ, New Testament Church History, other Bible

courses may be substituted or added)


∙ General Electives – 6 credits (Etymology, Health,

Nutrition Science, Computer Science, Music, Speech,

2 credits of Physical Education)

∙ Vocational Diploma (24 credits)

∙ Math – 4 credits (4 courses through the 9th level)

∙ English – 4 credits (4 courses through the 9th level)

∙ Social Studies – 4 credits (4 courses through the 9th level)

∙ Science – 4 credits (4 courses through the 9th level)

∙ Bible Electives – 2 credits (New Testament Survey, Life

of Christ, other Bible courses may be substituted or


∙ General Electives – 6 credits (Etymology, Health,

Nutrition Science, Computer Science, 2 credits of

Physical Education, ∙ 6th credit can be chosen from our other elective


∙ Work experience credits may be earned with proper


∙ No Vocational diplomas will be awarded to students less

than 18 years old.

V.C.A. makes or sets no age or date of graduation.

Some students may need to remain in school longer than

others to complete their prescribed course of study.

Diplomas will not be awarded until the prescribed course of

study has been completed for graduation. Students who are

within 5 paces of finishing may be included in the graduation

ceremony, but will not receive a diploma nor be considered a

graduate until all course work is complete.

A certificate of attendance, on rare occasions, may be

given a student who is at least 19 years old and for special

circumstances beyond their control, are not able to obtain

any of the four afore-described diplomas, having reached his

or her 19th birthday.

V.C.A. maintains high spiritual, academic, moral, and

social standards, and does not compromise these to

accommodate those who would attempt to lower these

standards. It is needful that students and parents, who are

entering the ninth level, meet with the student’s supervisor

or administrator to help prescribe the course of study for

graduation. Often, state graduation requirements change,

and with the development of new courses and updates for

existing ones, adjustments to a prescribed course of study

may be necessary. Please keep up to date on these items by

regular contact with the school.

We reserve the right to alter these graduation

requirements as necessary because of revised educational

requirements by the government, college preparations,

curriculum updates and additions of new or revised courses,

or according to individual student ability substantiated by

student aptitude and achievement test results. Please stay

informed about your child's progress by talking often to your

child's supervisor.

Vinemont Christian Academy

Christian leadership

Students are assigned to, and meet in, devotional

periods Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Biblical teaching

and principles of life are organized, outlined, illustrated, and

discussed, in meaningful sessions with life applications.

Weekly institutional sessions are held where the student

identifies his education with the ministry of the Church.

Local pastors and staff preach the Word of God. For one

week during the fall and again during the spring, the

students plan and assist in implementing a series of revival

and evangelistic meetings to which attendance is required.

Students must bring Bibles to all devotions, chapels, classes,

and special meetings.

Vinemont Christian Academy

Prohibited items and areas

Students attending V.C.A. are prohibited from

possessing on the school campus the following articles. Any

of these items could result in the expulsion\suspension of

the possessor\owner of such items.

description. Any student found in possession of any of

these items will be reported to the appropriate law

enforcement agency.

vehicles. Students who drive to school may leave their

cellular phones in their car or with the school staff with

prior permission. Students are permitted to take them

when driving to school events for security purposes.

such items. Any person found or suspected of

possession of illegal items will be reported immediately

to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

be approved by a staff member before a student is

permitted to have them on campus.

physical, in personal communication, nor by any digital

media are permitted, severe and appropriate action will


Students are prohibited from being in or interfering

with the following areas:

P.A. equipment without prior permission.

Vinemont Christian Academy

Student pace progress

Each student is enrolled in school to increase their

knowledge and understanding. If learning is taking place it

will be measured. As each student completes their PACEs

they will be tested to verify that they have mastered the

material covered and if they have not they will be given the

opportunity to master the material by repeating that PACE.

This is the process that a student will go through in

completing their academic work:

in pencil and if he has difficulty with a concept the staff

is available to assist him with whatever help is


concept or at the bottom of some pages in the PACE,

the student raises his flag for permission to score.

Taking only his PACE to the scoring station he scores

his PACE according to proper scoring procedures.

including scoring and correcting, he sets new goals

each day.

the supervisor and the student will take the test the

following school day.

few high school electives) the student is issued the next

PACE in sequence the following school day.

The staff encourages the students to complete enough

work for them to stay on level or to get back on level if

necessary. Each student is challenged to do their best and

is not permitted to be lazy or to give a half-hearted effort.

Vinemont Christian Academy

Motivation and controls

A student who believes that others, especially his

parents and teachers, believe in him—his worth, his

capability, his efforts, and his ability to achieve—will be

motivated in his work and play. The staff utilizes motivation

to inspire achievement. Each supervisor will strive to use

consistency, love, encouragement, support, and interest to

build each student’s self-image and confidence and inspire

him to greater success. We intend to motivate the students

of V.C.A. by:

PACE Tests

Control is exercised to facilitate learning for every

student. It has been wisely said that you cannot teach a

student that you cannot control. Just as God has rules,

laws, and standards that He expects His children to obey

that are a blessing and help to us, the rules and guidelines

that the students of V.C.A. are expected to abide by are for

their benefit. The disciplinary procedures that we use are

designed to train students to exercise self-control,

self-discipline, and self-responsibility. The procedures that

we use are:


required demerits in a single day (3 demerits-15 minutes, 4

demerits-30 minutes, 5 demerits-45 minutes, 6

demerits-60 minutes) and the detention is served the

following school day.

∙ A Disciplinary Ultimatum may be issued. Scripture

makes it very plain that the disciplinary procedure that

is the most effective in teaching children is corporal

correction being applied by a loving parent. We believe

and support discipline being administered according to

Scriptural guidelines, but the command to administer

corporal correction was given by God to the parents.

The staff makes every effort to administer correction

through verbal corrections and warnings, detentions,

and prayerful conferences, and in most cases these

efforts are successful. In the event that these

disciplinary procedures have been found to be

ineffective in correcting the disciplinary problem of a

student, the following process will be followed:

A conference will be called including the parents,

student, and staff to discuss the problem and possible


∙ The problem will be clearly discussed, and any

applicable Scriptural principles will be brought out, and

a recommended course of action may be offered by the


∙ The desire of the staff is that the offensive and/or

unacceptable behavior or action be corrected by the

parents, and the result of the conference will be that an

agreement is reached to that end. The signed

agreement will be placed in the student’s file for

reference, and a copy will be given to the parents.

∙ A failure of the student to comply with the agreed-upon

course of action and all applicable policies contained in

the Parent/Student Handbook in action and attitude

will result in the expulsion of the student.

There are some actions that require that the usual

disciplinary procedures be bypassed as a result of the

severity of the infraction at the discretion of the

administration. These actions include but are not limited to:


Discipline is not what is done to a child, but for a child. It is

imperative that the parents support the school in any

discipline that is necessary. If there are any questions or

anything that needs to be discussed please do so. The more

communication that the staff and parents can have the more

likely there is to be a positive resolution.

Vinemont Christian Academy

Privileges and responsibilities

Privilege Levels and Responsibilities

Level "A" Responsibilities:

1. Complete required number of PACEs each week

2. Maintain academic balance.

3. No more than 45 minutes of detention in the preceding


4. Memorize all monthly Bible selections.

Level "A" Privileges:

1. One additional 15-minute break at the designated time.

2. May read approved literature.

3. May engage in extracurricular activities with supervisor’s

permission (art, inspirational tapes, sports, field trips, etc.).

Level "C" Responsibilities:

1. Complete required number of PACEs each week.

2. Maintain academic balance.

3. No more than 30 minutes of detention in the preceding


4. Memorize all monthly Bible selections.

5. Present a special 5-minute oral report on select and

approved topics.

Level "C" Privileges:

1. May read approved literature, listen to inspirational tapes,

etc., with supervisor’s permission.

2. May engage in extracurricular activities in the office or


other assignments outside of the classroom with permission.

3. May engage in classroom functions and be out of the seat

without permission.

4. May work at the reading table with supervisor permission.

Level "E" Responsibilities:

1. Complete at least 2 PACEs per week.

2. Maintain academic balance.

3. No detention time during the previous week.

4. Memorize all the previous month's Scriptures.

5. Read, and report on a literature book or a book selected

from a prepared list (both oral and written report monthly).

6. Must be engaged in some form of Christian service in

their local church on a regular basis (bus ministry, play

piano, nursery, puppet team, visitation, teach class, choir

member, solos or group, etc.).

Level "E" Privileges:

1. May leave their student office and Learning Center at will,

when not committed to other responsibilities or functions

with the supervisor’s knowledge.

2. May attend approved off-campus functions of a spiritual

or educational nature during school days.

Other motivational privileges may be awarded, as the

administration and staff deem appropriate.

Vinemont Christian Academy

Learning center guidelines

The Learning Center is designed to be a place of

learning, and as such, must provide an atmosphere

conducive to learning. The staff works to minimize

distractions and disturbances to allow each student the

opportunity to give their complete attention to their

academics. Each student must abide by the Learning Center

Guidelines and any infraction of the guidelines earns the

student the appropriate discipline. Listed are the guidelines.

own student office facing into their office without

looking around the classroom.

instructions contained in the PACE.

permission that is required the student signifies this by

raising their flag.

permission to score and score according to proper

scoring procedures.

with a Checkup or Self Test.

students during academic time.

that will serve as a distraction to the other students.

to finish the assigned goals in that school day and any

that is not completed must be taken home as


detention slip, parent correspondence envelope) must

be signed by the parent/guardian and returned the

following school day.

Vinemont Christian Academy

physical education and athletics

It is the policy at V.C.A that no student is excused from

Physical Education without a written doctor's excuse.

Students who do not participate in P.E. class 80% of the

time will receive an incomplete for a grade. Students are

required to wear their school P.E. uniforms. Disciplinary

action could be enacted if a student continually fails to be in

complete P.E. uniform. Repeated offenses double the

penalty. P.E. clothes must be taken home at least once each

week for cleaning. No sleeveless blouses or tank tops

permitted for boys or girls.

Boys P.E. uniform:

∙ Athletic shoes and socks. Shoe colors may very.

∙ P.E. shirt as ordered through the school uniform

supplier. (currently Zoghby's)

∙ Navy blue sweat/athletic pants (Navy blue athletic

shorts of mid-knee length or longer may be worn in

warm weather)

∙ P.E. Bags must be plain with no logos, or decals from

other institutions or organizations.

Girls P.E. uniform:

∙ Athletic shoes and socks. Shoe colors may vary.

∙ P.E. shirt as ordered through the school uniform

supplier. (Currently Zoghby's)

∙ Navy blue culottes (must touch the floor when in the

kneeling position)

∙ P.E. Bag must be plain with no logos, or decals from

other institutions or organizations.

V.C.A. participates in athletic events with other

Christian schools. Events are available for both boys and

girls, with written consent from the parents or guardian of

each student. Parents are to provide written evidence of the

fitness of their child to participate in physical activities and

sports. The information concerning athletic uniforms will be

given to those involved when needed. All students are

eligible for sports and extracurricular activities for the first

two weeks. After that time "A" privilege or higher privilege

status must be maintained for eligibility. A student will

forfeit participation in athletics for any un-Christian behavior

or attitudes or any violations of school standards.

Vinemont Christian Academy

homeschool student progress

Motivating students to complete academic work can be

a difficult task at times, and if certain precautions are not

taken learning will slow and possibly cease. This takes on a

more important role in home-schooling. When students are

on-campus there is not much for them to do but their

schoolwork because the distractions have been limited

considerably. A student that is in the home-school program

can be easily distracted since they are at home. Effort must

be taken by the supervising parent to reduce all the possible

distractions. It is recommended that a specific work area be

set aside to ensure an area conducive to academics. A

student who does not comply with the required amount of

work will be notified, and if the habit continues the student

will, at the discretion of the administration, be asked to

withdraw from the home-school program of V.C.A.

Students enrolled in the home-school program of

V.C.A. are assigned to one of two programs based upon the

distance from their home to the campus. If the family lives

within 20 miles of V.C.A.’s campus they will report and test

weekly on campus. If the distance is greater than 20 miles

they will report quarterly. Those who live within 20 miles

abide by the following procedures:


score the Paces throughout the week.

campus of V.C.A. for testing and the issuing of more


testing session to allow for the supervisor to switch for

the next Score Keys.

test in a minimum of 2 PACEs each week for those on

the level, and at least 3 for those below grade level or

are completing gap material. Any amount less than

this will result in that student falling behind in their

academics. Home school students must complete a

minimum of 15 paces with passed test each quarter.

Exceptions will be considered for students with

learnings dis-orders or handicaps.

Those students who live a distance of greater than 20 miles

from the campus of V.C.A. have the following procedures:


work, Parents score, the Paces, and test throughout the


completed tests and to ensure that all tests, Test Keys,

and Score Keys are kept under strict supervision.

keys, they are for parent use only.

student report to the campus for the test scores to be

recorded and new curriculum to be issued.

test in a minimum of 2 PACEs a week for those on the

level, and at least 3 for those below grade level or are

completing gap material. Any amount less than this

will result in that student falling behind in their


quarter. To do less puts a student at risk of


Vinemont Christian Academy

Weather, fire, and tornado

The safety of our students is a matter of foremost

concern to the staff and we take whatever precautions

necessary to ensure they are safe. Any time a parent is

concerned with the safety of their child we encourage them

to contact us to determine the situation and the precautions

taken. In the event of a fire in the facilities, all of the

students and staff are evacuated to the back yard of the

property, where they gather under the trees until a word is

given of the next appropriate action. In the event that a

Tornado Warning is issued, all of the students and staff

gather in a safe location in the interior of the buildings until

it has been declared that the danger is passed.

Parents are allowed to come and pick up their children

at any time that threatening weather occurs with no penalty

for attendance guidelines or awards. We do recommend

that in the case of dangerously inclement weather that they

allow their child to stay in the safety of our facilities. We will

permit any parent the opportunity to seek shelter in our

facilities if they are caught out in any inclement weather.

Periodically, the school and daycare facilities undergo fire

and tornado drills to ensure that all of the staff and students

are adequately prepared to take safety precautions.

Vinemont Christian Academy

school closings

There are times where weather conditions prohibit the

school from opening and doing business as normal. If it is

known that school will be closed we will notify the parents as

soon as possible. To find out about a possible closing,

contact the school office or Administrator.

Be sure to keep your contact information up to date.

Vinemont Christian Academy

in-school crisis

Though we may not like to think that the violence that

has occurred in schools around the country could take place

at V.C.A., prudence dictates that we must plan for such an

event. We have taken some precautionary measures to

prevent anyone from entering the Learning Centers who is

not authorized to do so. Also, by having each family list

those who do and do not have permission to pick up their

child from school we virtually ensure the safety of our

students when they leave. All other entrances are locked

which allows the staff to screen those who may or may not

enter the classrooms. In the event of an emergency, we

would immediately contact the appropriate authorities and

do all that is within our ability to ensure the safety of our

students. If a parent hears something that concerns them

about V.C.A., we strongly recommend that you call the

school office before coming to the campus. God has seen fit

to bless and protect our campus, staff, and students, and we

are trusting in His protection as well as exercising the

common sense that He has provided to make our facilities as

safe as possible.

Vinemont Christian Academy

First aid and medicines

The students at V.C.A. are under constant supervision

which provides that ability of the staff to respond

immediately to any injuries or incidents that require medical

attention. We are prepared to administer basic first aid as

needed and if it is deemed necessary, the staff will contact

the parents and medical personnel to treat an injured

student. If your child requires daily medication or if a doctor

has issued a prescription, give it to the school office with the

dosage instructions when you bring your child to school. In

the event of an injury, the staff will notify the parent of the

events surrounding, and the nature of the injury to allow

them to make the proper decision about the next step in

providing the care necessary for their child.

Vinemont Christian Academy

personal property

The staff and administration of V.C.A. respect the

privacy and rights of those on our campus, and our desire is

to make each day as pleasant an experience as possible.

However, we do reserve the right in any situation we deem

necessary to search any individual’s person, property, and

vehicle that is on the campus of V.C.A. We must provide as

safe an atmosphere as possible and we will not hesitate to

remove any threatening objects, substances, or persons to

ensure the safety of those on our campus.

Vinemont Christian Academy

Student pick-up

We understand that the safety of your children is

foremost in your mind as it is in ours. To help ensure that

each child goes home with whom they are supposed to we

ask the parents to keep their “Approved Pick-up” list current

with all those individuals who have the parent’s permission

to pick up their child from school. In the event that a

person that is not on the list arrives to pick up a child, the

parents will be notified immediately to find out what their

desire is concerning the situation. If the parents do not give

their permission or the staff is unable to contact the parents

we will not permit the child to leave with the individual. If it

is the parent’s desire for a person that is not on the list to

pick up their child they must contact the school office to

notify us of their desire and permission. We appreciate the

family’s cooperation with this matter.

Vinemont Christian Academy

student drivers

Students driving vehicles must be licensed by D.O.T.

and approved by a parent or guardian in writing. Written

permission must be on file in the school office. Vehicles must

be parked in the student parking area. All students must

stay out of and off vehicles from the time of arrival until

time to depart. Students must obey all school zone laws

while on the school campus. Violations will result in the

student losing their privilege to operate a vehicle on the

school campus. Students who drive to school must have

parent\guardian permission to leave school during school

hours. Boys and girls (except brother and sister) will not be

permitted to leave school together without written

permission from parents and school approval for each


Vinemont Christian Academy

Student contacts and visitors

The school office phone is reserved for church\school

business and emergencies. Students desiring to place

necessary\needful calls must have permission from a

supervisor. He\she must give the name and number to

school staff who in turn will place the call. Students are not

permitted to receive calls or make calls to or from peers

during school hours. Parents are asked to give their

messages to the secretary to prevent a disruption in the

learning center. The message will be given to the student.

Students are not permitted to have cellular phones, pagers,

or other communication devices during school hours unless

specific permission is obtained from the school. (See

prohibited items).

Students may bring friends who are interested in V.C.A.

to school with school approval. Visitors must keep clothing

standards and get approval from the office before entering

any student areas. V.C.A. has a closed campus policy.

Non-students are not permitted to come on campus, to visit

students at V.C.A. without permission. All visitors must

check-in at the school office when entering the school


Vinemont Christian Academy

Parent involvement

The Christian School is an extension of the home. We

are acting in your stead in the education of your children;

therefore, we are a team. It is the desire of the staff of

V.C.A. to be involved with the parents beyond

Parent/Teacher Conferences and the Awards Ceremony at

the end of the year. To facilitate more interaction we

schedule Parent/Teacher Fellowships to allow the staff and

parents to spend time together that is not focused on

education but interaction. Also, it is our desire for each

parent to be as involved as they can with field trips, special

events, and athletics. At times, we want to allow parents

who have skills in certain areas to discuss their area of

expertise with the students to impart knowledge that they

may not be able to obtain otherwise. Contact the school

office to discuss what areas you may specifically like to be

involved. In most areas of involvement, it is necessary by

law for parents to have a background check done before

they can participate with the students. The administration

reserves the right to approve or disapprove any parental

involvement that requires parents to interact with children

other than their own.

Vinemont Christian Academy


Binding Arbitration

Submission to Arbitration

Believing that lawsuits between believers are prohibited

by Scripture, all members of this church and/or those who

place their children in the church’s Christian school or

daycare ministry agree to submit to binding arbitration any

matters which cannot otherwise be resolved, and expressly

waive any and all rights in law and equity of bringing any

civil disagreement before a court of law, except that

judgment upon the award rendered by the arbitrator may be

entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof.

In the event of any dispute, claim, question, or

disagreement arising out of or relating to this

Parent/Student Handbook or other school matter, the parties

shall use their best efforts to settle such disputes, claims,

questions, or disagreements as befits Christians. To this

effect, they shall consult and negotiate with each other in

good faith and, recognizing their mutual interests not to

disgrace the name of Christ, seek to reach a just and

equitable solution. If they do not reach such solution within

a period of sixty days, then upon notice by either party to

the other, disputes, claims, questions or differences shall be

finally settled by arbitration as described in the above

section, and such Procedures for Arbitration as are adopted

pursuant to the section below.

Vinemont Christian Academy

Limitations on arbitration decisions

Limitations on Arbitration Decisions

The Procedures for Arbitration shall be as adopted by

the pastor and advisory board.

Please read the following statement and sign where

designated if you agree with the statement. If you

have not signed this statement and returned it to the

school it is accepted that you agree to these terms

and conditions.

Please sign and send in this Student Handbook Acknowledge Letter (.pdf Online)